I Surrender to your Soft Caress

“On days like this I need you to run your fingers through my hair and speak softly”- Rupi Kaur, Milk and Honey

I was walking sluggishly with my school bag hung behind my back like a frog and a grey Milton water bottle in hand towards the 2 wheeler parking area. I took out my bicycle keys from my school bag. Hung the water bottle in front of the bi-cycle nooze between the two handles. I was worried and cursing myself for listening to my friends that “today” we all shall wear our old school skirt instead of the salwar kurta uniform. I was very happy in the lost and found sudden independence where I could wear my favorite school skirt. The whole idea behind wearing the skirt was looking beautiful on the special day of 14th Feb. But little did I realize the discomfort in riding a bicycle wearing a skirt was not because of its length but the prying eyes on the road.

I was waiting for my friend in the bicycle stand where she came along with a flower in her hand. She looked so happy with her full grin on her face and sparkling eyes. We got to our bicycle and before we could pedal came her newly made boyfriend. We stopped, just our legs stretched shoes touching the road for the grip and still sitting on the seat of the bicycle. I saw her legs with little mild blue veins all over as she was very fair with no signs of hair. The new boyfriend came closer to her whispering something in her ear and mildly sliding his hand over her fair legs like a pendulum but in a very subtle motion. The sight of the boyfriend’s hand affectionately petting my friend’s legs caught my attention and how secretly I wished then I also had someone in my life to do such things for me.

This was 10 years back…

The door-bell rings. I open the door to find my partner in the entrance. I greet him. He comes inside and straightway moves into the bedroom. It was a one bhk apartment I was staying in the new city with a new job. Fortunately enough my partner was from the same city as well. He brought 2 chicken frankies so that we could have it together. I am averse to chilies and he knew that pretty well, but somehow our frankies unintentionally got exchanged and I ended up having the spicier one. I fumed but to my surprise, he just started caressing my cheeks which became red-brown due to the chilies. The subtle touch of his thumb over my face made me very calm. He gently pecked my lips and again continued stroking my cheeks and then the area above the ears. I sat still looking straight into his eyes which were filled with care. He ignored my glare and continued doing it. I realized that our skin had been such a big canvas for the fingers to portray the sensuousness with the warmth laced with personal historical trajectories.   

It was around 9 pm we were strolling inside a famous university precisely on the trail around the circumference of the big football ground before me. Around the trail were big mango trees filled with seasonal blooms. I could sense the northwester coming with scattered lighting in the sky but with no sound.

The ambiance was so mesmerizing as if nature was conspiring for us in our favor to get soaked further.

We both located some green patch in the football ground and sat on it. Strategically chosen the place little far away from the street lights where the night sky was beaming high only to rent some light. There were few more couples though scantily spread around the ground.

We sat facing each other and engrossed in some non-meaningful discussions. Might be some 4 inches apart was our individual faces. As I said non meaningful discussions and actions are building blocks of happiness in a relationship at times or might be most of the times. I took out my tongue where my partner has to touch it with his tongue. So it was more like play where he will score if able to touch mine with maximum times. Times when he failed I burst into laughter hysterically,thinking more the sillier is the game is more directly proportional with the effervescent joy pouring out through laughter and subtle strokes. We continued doing this for a while with my hands at times stroking my partners masculine hand and at times he stroking my ear lobes and hair some times with his fingers.

The touch was making me very sensuous and comforting. The girl in the school with her boyfriend’s hand on her thighs flashed my mind. The warmth of the touch was insatiable and unquenchable only to be desiring for more. He held me tight with his loving hands with deep eyes of his shimmering high in affection and belonging.

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