The Interview

That evening Jane was sitting at a bar, all alone and nervous for what can be the biggest interview of her dream job the next day. Alone. She didn’t want to meet her friends because they would just ask her to “chill and take it easy” but they don’t know how much this job means to her.

While she was slowly sipping on her Tequila Sunrise, she noticed a handsome man but not straight out of the books – rather an unconventional type, looking at her. He was at the table adjacent to her, looking at her in an admiring way. She didn’t even find it uncomfortable – blame it on the drink or the interview was of greater concern to her than a random stranger throwing her flirting glances. Thinking it would ease her nervousness, she decided to flirt back. What can a measly smile do. The man took Jane’s smile as a cue and came towards her table. “Hi!”, The man said adding, “I am Rudolf.”

Jane:  Hi Rudolf! I’m Jane. Please have a seat. So what brings you to smile at me among the bevy of females in this bar?

Rudolf: Well, you seemed fine by yourself although a little uneasy which I can’t figure out and I felt I should try to find out if you’re alright.

Jane: Wow, that’s a good observation. It’s just that I’m nervously excited about the biggest interview of my life tomorrow and came here for a drink. At least if I don’t get through, I can come back here and wallow in misery. Ha ha ha.

Rudolf: I think I can help with more than a drink. Wanna do something to ease that skittishness? I live nearby and you seem like a damsel who’s not in distress and I can de-stress you. I have to admit I find you alluring especially when you walked from the bathroom to your seat – with your hips swaying and curves that are dangerous.

Jane couldn’t help but chuckle. She thought, “There’s been no one interesting on these dating apps since a fortnight, why not try the offline way?” She asked for some ID proof and he showed his passport which was satisfactory for her.

They reached his home. It was in a very famous area and she figured he belonged to the affluent side of the group. He poured some wine and slowly played with her fingers as they spoke about the city. She reciprocated with smiles and giggles, while not being subtle about being kissed. They slowly got close and immersed into drunken kisses. They tasted each other’s wines and musky odor that came from the nape of his neck. She couldn’t help but whisper to take her into his bedroom. And the whole night they were entwined under the sheets, on the floor and with him disappearing into the fleshy fold of her cleft.

Finally when both of them were exhausted, she looked at the clock and realized she had enough time to return home, get some rest and go for her interview. She felt strangely refreshed and confident! Leaving a soft tender kiss, Jane said goodbye to Rudolf.

The next day, Jane reached her venue and waited for her turn to give the interview. When her name was called, she walked towards the door feeling energized and smirking to herself about the passionate man she encountered and hoping she nails this one as well. When she opens the door, she sees Rudolf waiting to take her interview. He politely says, “Good morning Jane, please have a seat.”

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