A Man Only Kunyazas a Woman That He Cares For

”Sex is for the women. Her pleasure is the most important thing”.

I am aligned with this bold statement long before but never knew the science of clubbing it into a pleasure practice. It was during one of our casual banters that my friend introduced me to a sexual pleasure practice “Kunyaza” which I initially thought to be the word kwanza. I have earlier learned about the word “Kwanza” which in Swahili means let’s begin and for many days I was fascinated with this African word.

After a little digging the internet, I stumbled upon a very interesting concept and meticulous pleasure technique practiced in Africa since ancient times. The beautiful artistic word “Kunyaza” which in African language refers to a non-penetrative sexual practice that a man does for his woman to bring her to deeper orgasms during intercourse. The origin of this technique dates back to the pre-medieval era of Africa when the queen had the choice to mate with a man chosen by her to satiate her temptations. It reminded me of the queen bee in the beehive who chooses her mate for regeneration. Folk tradition unravels something like this:

The queen chose one of her guards to have penetrative sex with her but due to performance anxiety, the guard failed and instead ended up rubbing his manhood against the genital – clitoris and labia of the queen. This satiated the queen very much and very quickly this pleasure technique was improvised into a full technique for the ultimate bliss.

The torrent of pleasure which oozes out from Kunyaza demands time, emotion and love from the male partner.  It is he who shall perform his duty for his lady love. Yes, the woman’s fleshy protuberant seeks undiluted attention and detailing which when given can engulf her and make her feel thrown in the boundless depth of ecstasies. Unconditional affection and dedication when practiced between lovers can only lead to the Kunyaza moments.

A relationship needs time to explore each other in true sense and meaning. I was with my partner lying beside on a mattress one Saturday afternoon. It just rained because of northwester with a thunderstorm outside. The climate was set perfect for a deep conversation. The time had shut me in. A sudden gutsy wind wakes me up, a measured time factor prevails. I looked once again and tried stealing a glance from my partner. He was lying on the white cotton printed bedsheet with his hand folded on his forehead and eyes open. I had a feeling that his eyes and body could bury me deep. A relationship needs time with the partner and that’s what we were doing at that moment. What is the nature of a relationship that doesn’t demand quality but only instant physical merger?

I looked once again over my shoulder and I still found him gazing at me with a smile. I could not say for how long! We embraced each other followed by the peck. I could see his manhood full grown but he did not move at all. I got a little annoyed and it was apparent but he managed to get my attention back by simply caressing my hand and I admit I fell for it. Slanting against me brushed his manhood against mine. I was tickled by the touch but he continued dotting my yoni with his manhood. He did it with lot of patience and time. The rubbing seemed like an incantation, a magical spell to me. My body signaled it for more.

Now that I look back, I could feel that life experience moment; it spanned the whole of afternoon ending quite late at the dusk. I slept, as usual beside him waking up only to be wrapped under his arms. Perhaps that’s was my only Kunyaza moment with my partner then.

Kunyaza pleasure can only be felt in intense lovemaking moments that had very precious detailing. A man performs this detailed pleasure only for a woman he truly cares for because that feeling inclines him to restrain his haste for pleasure and instead dedicate his time and effort for her pleasure. In the past when I had meaningless relationships where I was a lustful object and men failed to understand my emotional and physical needs; I remember having gone on crying and shivering when I realized being subjugated. Love becomes the parameter to score the bliss moments. You can get instant gratification from casual sex moments but the wholesome, fulfilling, unforgettable pleasure can be gained only with ample time spent with your muse.

Try Kunyaza tonight to know if your man loves you or not. Here are the steps for him : )

The male partner first stimulates the labia minora of his female partner by tapping; then rubs it with his penis and then, at a certain level of arousal, proceeds to stimulate the internal surfaces of the labia minora and the vulval vestibule, including the urinary meatus in the same manner, followed by stimulation of the clitoris, vulval vestibule, labia minora and the vaginal opening.

The male partner penetrates her yoni with alternating shallow thrusts at the vaginal opening with deep thrusts pushing against the cervix while maintaining exaggerated circular movements between vagina walls in a “screwing” fashion during penetration, often facilitating the movement by holding the penis between the middle and the index finger.

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