An encounter at a Hotel


The Man I met at my friend’s wedding

You received me at the airport since I was the bride’s best friend and had to be personally taken care of. While we got along like a house on fire because both of us had the gift of the gab, the physical presence seemed even more on fire because of the way you looked – tall, broad shoulders with a thick neck. I like thick necks; to hold on to and strong and big limbs. Your hair was too tidy but then you liked looking good for the women.

During the mehndi, we exchanged shy glances at each other. When we had free time, we decided to tour the city with you being the tour guide, of course. On the Metro, I almost got separated and that was the first time you grabbed hold of my hand. I could sense the sexual tension already and I returned the grabbing with equal pressure and grip– a green signal that I wanted you as well.

On the day of the shaadi, I wore a transparent saree where my midriff was visible. I had worked hard for this and as it was the onset of summer, crowds tend to make the area stuffier. And I watched you ogling at the trickle of sweat going down my neck as your eyes wavered down to my torso and midriff. You wanted to pull me towards you, rip the saree and just have your share of pleasure. So I decided that I should be even more indicative – so I asked you to come to my hotel room to drop me.

I invited you in. We sat quietly for sometime before I offered you water and then I bluntly asked you, “Hey Mr. Ray, you will leave for Australia after this and chances are that we won’t see each other again. So wanna have some fun under the sun or moon?” I think I did say the magic phrase because within seconds you literally pounced on me and our lips exchanged secrets with fiery intensity. I could already feel your masculinity rising and I presumed I would like what I will see down there. We wasted no time. Removing the saree wasn’t exactly how they showed in movies but team work sped up the process and soon enough I was just in my strapless bra and panty– with you watching my tummy bare and that’s when you utter, “It looks better when you remove the transparency.” I comprehended the double entendre instantly and asked you of your fantasy.

You said you wanted to be sucked first and then wanted to take me from behind. Being cautious you asked me if I had any condoms. I winked while flashing my drawer showing you my ‘miscellaneous’ things. You laughed and I saw some drool too. Immediately you made me kneel, pulled down your trousers and just stuffed your tower in my mouth. By then my mouth was already open (in sheer awe) looking at the size and color – thick girth and a sinful brown bomb. I could feel myself getting all wet and inflamed as I slowly gagged and blew you. Holding onto your derriere never felt this steamy and we went on and on until you moaned, begged, gasped and swore. (Mission accomplished) and with each sound you made, I sucked your member even harder.

I got up and told you not to come just yet. You threw me onto the bed with my back facing you. I think you were putting on the condom before you slid through me while gasping that I am slippery as the icy slopes. You went on ramming, holding me tight with your nails digging into my back and I screamed under the pillow. Finally you exploded, as did I! But… (there’s always a but) I could feel extra slimy and slippery and the physical liquid hotness. I knew it wasn’t me and you could feel the same too. When you came out of me, I saw the condom had broken. That wasn’t the only surprise – you wore 2 condoms! The 2 condoms due to extra heat and friction couldn’t take it and tore! WHY did you wear 2 condoms – I ask? Apparently, your answer was – For extra protection! Who in their right minds? And that’s when I was sure – people from the land down under have nothing above.

This is just a friendly reminder that I am relieved nothing untoward happened during that mishap and I’m happy sticking to toys last 6 months thanks to you!


Ms. Zeesha

Irony being that to be extra careful, you don’t have to do extra. If one isn’t enough, then two doesn’t stand a chance.

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