Edible lingerie’: Sexploration

I believe all good things are edible

Me: Wow what is this? (a small packet wrapped in the gift was kept)

Partner: It’s heavenly, u will like it.

Me: can I open?

Partner: Not now, I will tell you when to and quoted” curiosity be the mother of necessity”

I was waiting for my partner to hit my place at any time. It was Friday evening and he had to make some concrete excuses from his family to be with me. And almost all these excuses were made on the pretext of official visits to some places.

My partner traveled from the land of white elephants and had a high adrenalin rush tour. Before leaving we discussed many fantasies that revolve around sex toys which were/is not available openly in our country. At the same time, he was very keen and titillated towards the great Thai massages available at the nook of a corner in Thailand and wanted to have sex with the masseur there. I understood the subtle clues and became little frenzy and quiet all of a sudden. My silence and kajal smirked eyes were dipped in emotional turmoil. A part of mine wanted to tear him apart and whereas another side was still contemplating the situation. Looking at my condition he hugged me tightly and kissed my forehead. He whispered something which I could not comprehend them.

I was in office and during afternoon hours I receive an international call. It was my partner’s. He said that he is at a masseur’s place and enjoying it heavily would like to put his call on a speaker so that virtually I am present there to understand what steps he is taking to have pleasure with the gal. He ensured that every conversation and movements taking between him and the masseur is audible to me including the explanation of the aromatic oil used. To be his first in every act he performs has always been the core mission of my partner. That laid the concrete ground of complete trust.

I saw her body curled and uncurled with every rhythm of thrust from my partner. Each moaning resonated down with a sigh! It seemed for a while that she wanted to break free from him not out of pain but the extra pleasure reaching its threshold. I hear a faint male voice after the release.! All of a sudden I became voyeuristic. The whole act was floating before my eyes.

Post completion my partner spoke to me and asked

Partner: How do you feel

Me: I really don’t know but I will confess I was not threatened.

Partner: Anything else, would want to try?

Me: Of course, be best ever when we meet

Partner: wait and watch you will have the best

He kept the phone down. I had retrospection to the whole incidence. The golden words of my partner which seemed whisper then had struck me like bolt from the blue. “Being physical and love are two different entities. You will have a physical relationship with someone you love but not necessary that if you are having a physical relationship you need to love that person”

The doorbell rings and I knew it was my partner. On seeing me the ganglions of his eyes and body conspired! Hormones surged through both of us. We hugged tightly and engulfed into a deep kiss.

After stopping for a while my partner instructs me to go an open the gift wrap.H e says it’s the right time to open. With curiosity I opened it saw a very new thing ever in my life: edible lingerie!

To my surprise, I could not contain my excitement and started feeling it. It was so fruity and sugary.

As promised he ensured I had the best love making till date and mind you I am not using the word sex. I was so satiated and settled and welcomed the new change in me. A new perspective a new dimension to the relationship which had different layers of trust, love, respect, and intimacy.

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