It’s A Tinder World

We live in a fast-paced digital world. Gone were the days when television was the only screen we had to watch within limit. We wake up staring at our phones, laptops, smart watches, television day and night somewhere life happening all along. We want everything quick, fast and cheap including sex. This is where Tinder comes in.

Sex has become easier to find and love has become harder to attain. People find it tough to deal with heartbreaks, emotional baggage and the pain that comes with it when the raging hormones is what the youngsters and middle-aged people alike seek these days – no strings attached. No mental pain, no questions, no judgement and keeping it all casual. Tinder is the way to go! Supposedly a dating app to meet new people and find out if they can date, it has taken its way to seek hook-ups and if one wants to proceed further – then friends with benefits… among many other things.

So Tinder has to be connected to a Facebook profile, basic information like name, likes, dislikes, interests along with photographs can be of help to find matching profiles where one can swipe right if they want to get to know the person and swipe left otherwise. It is also convenient by showing nearby profiles distance-wise. How flexible and easy!

Why do people use Tinder? Is it ONLY for hook-ups? Probably not. Agreed that pen-pal business for today’s times is too vieux jeu, but Tinder is great for busy people too and even making some good friends along the way which includes platonic relationship if it comes to that. Rare, but it happens. Jokes apart, let me elaborate on how Tinder-ing plays a good and bad role among today’s modern, busy youths.

Too busy and frustrated at work? Missing the sex but don’t want the drama and emotions that come with another person? Tinder to the rescue! It works great if two people are lucid in their wants and make it doubly clear that they don’t want anything more. It’s fun because one can have multiple partners and explore their sexuality with different people and desires. At the same time, using protection becomes cardinal and getting tested becomes more regular. One should also ask for the reports from the other person (assuming they have multiple partners) without feeling bad. This would bring about enjoyable and experimental coitus at ease.

This has its downside too when one person develops feelings, gets attached and the other person doesn’t. It can also be befuddling when the signs of whether it’s casual or hanging out daily means something more. Worth the mental drama?

Another not so popular reason people join Tinder is for external validation and internal pleasing. A bad breakup, lack of attention and easy rebound are some of the reasons. So when someone “likes” their profile, it automatically gives a feel good factor. In this time and age, validation has become somewhat toxic and the need for others’ attention/approval isn’t healthy. Albeit we all enjoy the attention and compliments so temporarily it isn’t a bad thing.

Tinder can also be an excuse to do something risky or exciting. It provides a means of communication for introverts without having to always look out for partying hence getting comfortable with one person. Online communication always has that behind the screen wall that provides safety and ease. And a thrilling never-done-before no strings attached coitus is daring, enticing and adventurous.

While all of these reasons seem legit, is sex becoming easy to access and hence less valuable? Where does love come in between all of these? I suppose these days people are choosing the brains over the heart. Being open about their desires, having different people to meet and greet whilst practicing safe sex seems like a practical approach to stay away from emotional drama. Unknowingly getting to know each other while ‘hanging out’ therefore finding a partner in each other. Such is the relevance of dating apps.

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