We Made Love Outdoors— Without a Roof

‘We made love outdoors, my favorite place to make love, assuming the weather be fair and balmy, and the earth beneath be clean. Our souls intertwined and dripping with sweat.’ ? Roman Payne

I could not hold back my joy and contentment. The ossified dilemmas of past were dissolved in the stream of joy that was flowing inside. It was quarter to 9 pm, I zipped up my Levis jeans and rubbed the t-shirt to remove any creases and dry twigs clinging on it. Took my summer blazer in hand only to see my partner still sitting on the ground and watching me with intense love and a smirk on face.

It was my partner, who taught me that after the celebration of love, the lovers should not part without admiring each other’s face and their bodies. So that neither has the bad feeling of being used or misused.

How it all began?

It was Friday and the day I could wear my Jeans and a polo neck t-shirt to the office. We were allowed to have semi-formal on Fridays and somehow it’s uncanny that most of my erotic experiences had been on Fridays
My partner called me to say that he shall be picking me up from my office in the next 1 hour and thank god it was already 5pm. In the meanwhile, I finish my emails and after a while, I pack my bag and pull off my summer blazer and gait with my favorite stilettos towards the exit gate.

I was inside the back seat of the car and my partner sitting beside me. We spoke in English to avoid any clues being passed to the driver about our spiced sensuous talks. As we drove around and explored the uncharted locations in the city, I could never imagine such vast greenery perched in the middle of a metro city! We both got down from the car and headed towards this mini natural habitat with greenery and lake in between.

Like any other lover, we hold each other’s hand intertwined and lost in the mesmerizing jungle. We chose a bench beside a big Ashoka tree that was covered with autumn leaves. A little interior from the periphery of this garden. My partner pinned his hand on my shoulder and we both gazed at the dimming light from the sky. It was a summer evening and already past 7 pm. We were engrossed in each other’s talks and our hand could not resist brushing each other with sensuousness. There were other people in the vicinity, I had a look around and found all of them to be couples immersed in each other. I had been wary of PDA (public display of affection) always and the same with my partner. We forbid ourselves from doing anything publicly other than holding the hand.

There was whistle-blowing from the watchmen of the premise which was like a bell ringing in the school indicating the school hours are over and it’s back to home time. All the people now in the garden had to leave the premise. But the sudden thought of leaving this serene comforting place brought a revolt in the mind with the thought of being wild.

We waited for the watchman to move away from our sight and till the place was empty. Silence with calmness prevailed in the warm air. I could smell wildflowers and crushed leaves smell and little chirping of birds flying over my head. We hid our self behind the tree and a little camouflaging helped us. A little murmuring of the dried twigs could be still heard and passing sounds of the vehicles from the nearby buzzy road.

After a while like a terror-stricken child, my heart thumped loudly and eyes wandering all while. A compassionate touch and heavy breathing of my partner made me a little relaxed. He pulled me gently towards him with a firm grip yet subtle. Our lips brushed each other where my torso leaning towards him. I sat down on the mother earth which was growing all wild grasses partially brown due to heat.

We were all alone in that captivating moment. The trees swayed beside us, the half green grasses was our bed for the intense moment. We made love in the open air amidst the trees, beside the lake, and under the twilight. I yearned for more but all good things should come to an end. A sense of freedom filled my thoughts and all inhibitions evaporated with the wind. I paid my obeisance to nature in full filling this astonishing experience.

“I had finally come to understand what it had been: a yearning for a way out, when actually what I had wanted to find was a way in”- Cherryl

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