Our Imperfect Anniversary

It’s a cliché that you lose spark in your love life after marriage. I say, you have to create it whenever you see the spark disappearing.

Me and my husband had been married for five years now. And for five years we have been celebrating our anniversary the way we had wanted- a foreign trip, beach side party in Goa, a bike trip to Ladakh, a week in Kashmir and camping in Munnar. And at all these places we made out wherever possible, which was the most romantic thing of all. 

This time we had planned for camping in Sri Lanka – the land of serendipity. Whole night trekking and reaching at the mountain summit at dawn, just in time to see the sunrise. Beaches laden with coconut trees. Me and my husband lying in each other’s arms at sunset. Dinner at sea side with water splashing our feet. 
“Oooh! So romantic. Everything will be perfect. You will see.” I tell my husband kissing him. 

For the next few days I was busy planning our anniversary. Searching for hotels, tourist spots, dresses, lingerie, sunscreens, anything and everything I could think of. While I was busy in my own world, I did not think whether my husband wanted it or not. 

He would go out for office at 9 in the morning and would come back at 8 pm. He just nodded at my plans during dinner and never participated much. So I decided to talk to him.

“Honey, are you okay with our anniversary plans” I said, hopefully.

“Yeah, whatever makes you happy” he said while checking his messages.

I took his face in my palms, looked him in the eye and said “What happened?”

“Ummmm it’s just that I get too tired after coming from the office and honestly, I don’t wanna go for another trip. I would rather stay at home.” He said apologetically.

Space, everyone wants it. We need it everywhere. To build houses, to grow food, the oceans, the mountains, even the universe is expanding and so needs space. Then why not in a marriage or in a relationship? The more space there is, the more air comes in and consequently more positive vibes. We are able to breathe. Every living being breathes and so if we want our marriage or our relationship to remain alive we have to let it breathe. With time the space in a relationship should increase. Let your partner do what s/he wants, if s/he wants to go out with their friends and not you, then let it be. S/he wants to do things alone then so be it. It’s the least one can do and get the best out of it.

So, I smiled at him, kissed him and said “What’s the big deal about it? You could have told me before.”

And as I said these words, his countenance changed. His apologetic face changed into a loving one. He could not believe that I could be so understanding. And why would he? We married two years after college and sometimes I would still behave like a college girl.

He kissed me, again and again and again, and the next thing I know, I was on top of his bare chest making love. I felt as if tonight I have earned it by taking a decision expected of grown-ups. I felt proud on being the driver that pulled over our relationship onto a mature road. Sometime exceeding expectations does make you feel good.

But as incorrigible as I am, I wasn’t letting our anniversary go by without any celebration and so I started planning for it. On the day of our anniversary, I asked my husband to come an hour early. So he came at around 7 pm. I asked him to wait in our room while I did some last minute arrangements. I wore a sultry red dress, revealing my assets. I held his hand and took him to our rear garden. There it was, a tent in the middle of the lawn. It was decorated with small LED lights. In front of it was a white curtain and on the side of the tent there was a projector.

I guided him inside the tent which had two mattresses, a small table with a bottle of wine and two glasses. I made him comfortable and turned on the projector. The movie was Mughal-e-Azam, his favourite. He smiled at me and gestured me to sit on his lap. I obeyed.

As we sipped our wines while watching the movie, his hands explored the insides of my dress. He moved his fingers from my inner thighs to my belly and up and whispered “This is one of the best anniversaries of the many to come. Thanks for everything.” We watched the movie in midst of making out under the stars.

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